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Managing allergic rhinitis in people with asthma

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A comprehensive approach to asthma management includes investigation for allergic rhinitis and effective treatment. The presence of allergic rhinitis is associated with worse asthma control. This information paper is intended to provide information on the clinical interrelationship between asthma and allergic rhinitis for GPs, asthma educators, practice nurses and pharmacists.


This information paper was prepared in consultation with the following health professionals:

  • Professor Peter Smith, allergist
  • Associate Professor Richard Harvey, rhinologist and ear, nose and throat surgeon
  • Associate Professor Ian Charlton, general practitioner
  • Ms Debbie Rigby, pharmacist
  • Endorsed by the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy.

Funded by a grant from MSD Australia. Apart from providing a financial grant MSD has not been involved in the development, recommendation, review or editing of this publication.

Recommended citation

National Asthma Council Australia. Managing allergic rhinitis in people with asthma. Melbourne: National Asthma Council Australia, 2012.

Patient brochure

A corresponding patient brochure of this information paper has been developed for people with asthma and their carers: Allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and your asthma.


Printed copies of our resources, including this information paper and patient brochure, can be ordered through our online order system.


Although all care has been taken, this information paper is only a general guide; it is not a substitute for assessment of appropriate courses of treatment on a case-by-case basis. The National Asthma Council Australia expressly disclaims all responsibility (including negligence) for any loss, damage or personal injury resulting from reliance on the information contained.

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