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National Asthma Week

12 Jul 2016

National Asthma Week is the first week of September every year.

This year we are partnering with Asthma Australia and the Asthma Foundations to get the message out.

Become a better breather, I did.

  • Become informed – Take the Asthma Control Test and find out how you can become a better breather.
  • Blow away allergy – Manage your allergies including your hayfever and become a better breather.
  • Brush up on technique – Take your medication more effectively and become a better breather.
  • Befriend your health professional – Contact your GP and Pharmacist to discuss your asthma treatments and become a better breather.
  • Be even better – Call the 1800 ASTHMA Helpline (1800 278 462) to find out how to become a better breather.
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18 Jul 2016

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23 Jun 2016

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