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Thunderstorm asthma workshops

31 Aug 2017

What is thunderstorm asthma?

Thunderstorm asthma is an unusual cluster of allergic asthma flare-ups (including severe acute asthma) associated with springtime thunderstorms. It is not necessarily a special kind of asthma. However, a certain type of thunderstorm appears to be needed, together with a high pollen count, to trigger this event. Under these circumstances people who are allergic to ryegrass pollen can experience asthma symptoms during springtime thunderstorms – even if they have never had asthma before.

Workshops on thunderstorm asthma

Workshops for GPs, practice nurses and pharmacists are being held across Victoria, mostly hosted by Primary Health Networks. 

The workshop learning objectives are:

  • Describe and understand the phenomena of Thunderstorm Asthma
  • Define and identify who is at greater risk of Thunderstorm Asthma
  • Apply current, evidence-based best practice of asthma and allergic rhinitis to professional practice
  • Describe the importance of written asthma action plans and how to use them
  • Increase knowledge of emergency asthma management and asthma first aid 

Check out our calendar to find a workshop in your area.

Webinars and online learning modules

Together with our member organisations we are offering online learning as well. 60-minute webinars have been developed by the National Asthma Council and presented by our member organisations. Find out more about the webinars on our partners’ websites:

Integrated in their online learning platform of The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners is providing a 30-minute online learning module on Thunderstorm Asthma which is eligible for continuing professional development (CPD) points.

All educational formats on Thunderstorm Asthma are currently seeking accreditation.

For more information see our Thunderstorm Asthma factsheet.

06 Sep 2017

Thunderstorm asthma resource centre

26 Jul 2017

Kristine Whorlow AM retires as CEO of National Asthma Council