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Current practice and new approaches in asthma

This exploratory paper explores current practice and new approaches to asthma healthcare in Australia, in order to stimulate new thinking and action to target care gaps and redress stalled progress against asthma outcomes.

This is an in-depth paper that reflects the views and opinions of the contributors, a diverse group of stakeholders with demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the asthma field. The findings are presented under the headings of the five high-level objectives in the National Asthma Strategy 2018:

  1. Support effective self-management practices 
  2. Develop the health professional workforce 
  3. Enhance asthma care and management 
  4. Create supportive community environments 
  5. Promote research, evidence and data


The National Asthma Council Australia sincerely thanks the individuals and organisations who contributed time, expertise and resources to the development of this paper, including the twelve contributors, project expert advisors, lead author, and corporate supporter.


  • Ms Julianne Badenoch, Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife, and Director, National Asthma Council Australia
  • Professor Amanda Barnard, General Practitioner, and Chair, National Asthma Council Australia Guidelines Committee
  • Associate Professor Nathan Bartlett, Researcher and Senior Lecturer, Viral Immunology and Respiratory Disease, The University of Newcastle
  • Dr Sabrina Campbell, General Practitioner and Aesthetic Physician
  • Ms Naomi Fenton, Nurse Practitioner
  • Mr Brad Gellert, External Relations and Policy Adviser, NPS MedicineWise
  • Ms Kate Green, Respiratory Educator, Asthma Foundation WA
  • Ms Pauline Jacobs, Person with asthma
  • Associate Professor Bandana Saini, Community Pharmacist and Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney, Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Associate Professor Sheryl van Nunen, Clinical Immunologist, Department of Clinical Immunology and Allergy, Royal North Shore Hospital and Clinical Associate Professor, University of Sydney
  • Professor Peter Wark, Respiratory and Sleep Physician, John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle and conjoint Professor, University of Newcastle
  • Dr Kim Watkins, Community Pharmacist, and Lecturer, Curtin University

Project expert advisors

  • Mr Stephen Hughes, Community Pharmacist and Director, National Asthma Council Australia
  • Ms Kristine Whorlow AM, Consultant and inaugural National Asthma Council Australia Chief Executive Officer (1991-2017)

Lead author

Ms Rebecca Zosel, Zosel Consulting. 

Corporate supporter

Funded by a grant from AstraZeneca.

AstraZeneca has not been involved in the development, recommendation, review or editing of this publication.

Recommended citation

National Asthma Council Australia. (2019). Current practice and new approaches in asthma: Perspectives of asthma practitioners and patients. Melbourne: National Asthma Council Australia.