Vale Ron Brittain AM

29 Mar 2017

Our tribute to Mr Ron Brittain AM, one of the founders of our organisation, who passed away in March 2017.

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Travelling and holidays

21 Mar 2017

Travelling with asthma should be enjoyable and worry-free if you take a few precautions.

Media Releases

Top Ten Ways to Save Money with Asthma

7 Mar 2017

More than two million Australians with asthma can save money and feel better by following these ten easy tips.

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10 ways to cut your asthma costs

7 Mar 2017

Managing asthma can be expensive but hopefully these tips can help you cut your asthma costs.

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Thunderstorm asthma

2 Mar 2017

Thunderstorm asthma can trigger severe asthma symptoms. Find out what you can do to prepare for such weather conditions.


Asthma News for Health Professionals

19 Feb 2017

Ensuring healthcare professionals receive up-to-date patient management information, conference details and research updates.

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How not to leave your lover breathless for the wrong reasons this Valentine’s Day

13 Feb 2017

​Some of the most common Valentine’s Day gifts are also some of the most common asthma and allergy triggers.


Asthma & Allergy Newsletters

1 Feb 2017

Monthly news for people with asthma and allergies, their friends and family and those who care for people with asthma.

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Back to school checklist for kids with asthma

30 Jan 2017

The start of school can be busy enough without the worry of your child’s asthma striking them in the classroom or playground.


Thunderstorm Asthma Community Information Sessions

30 Jan 2017

Hear from experts about what thunderstorm asthma is and what steps to take to help you and your family for next pollen season