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Prepare your patients for the thunderstorm asthma season

28 Aug 2018

NAC is calling on health professionals to prepare their practices and patients for the upcoming thunderstorm asthma season.

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Health professional workshops on thunderstorm asthma in Melbourne

16 Aug 2018

The NAC will deliver six free educational workshops on thunderstorm asthma for health professionals in Melbourne

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New opportunity for consumers to improve asthma care

24 Jun 2018

The National Asthma Council has launched the National Asthma and Allergy Network

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New resources explain latest inhalers and device technique

14 May 2018

National Asthma Council Australia has released a package of new and updated resources to address incorrect inhaler technique.

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Cold and flu season puts Australians with asthma at increased risk

26 Apr 2018

Flu season puts people with asthma at increased risk

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Paediatric asthma surge in February – help your patients be back-to-school ready

7 Feb 2018

Doctors are urged to help their young asthma patients by ensuring their healthy return to the classroom.

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Asthma management turns over a new leaf with launch of the National Asthma Strategy

31 Jan 2018

Federal Minister for Health The Hon. Greg Hunt MP today launched the new National Asthma Strategy.

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Watch out for increased asthma risk over Christmas and the summer holidays

14 Dec 2017

​The risk of getting asthma symptoms increases over Christmas and the summer holidays.


Asthma News for Health Professionals

5 Dec 2017

Ensuring healthcare professionals receive up-to-date patient management information, conference details and research updates.

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Visit version 1.3 of the Australian Asthma Handbook

4 Dec 2017

The National Asthma Council today released version 1.3 of the Australian Asthma Handbook.