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About 1 in 10 people in Australia suffer from asthma, and in 2014, asthma caused the deaths of 419 Australians. It's good news that asthma deaths have dropped significantly over the years, from a peak of 964 in 1989, but more than one person a day dying from asthma in this country is still too many.

Asthma deaths are largely preventable. While asthma can't be cured, its symptoms of wheeze, cough and breathlessness can be prevented. The drop in asthma deaths and in emergency hospital visits for asthma are due to the ongoing education of health care professionals, people with asthma and the general community on the latest evidence-based treatments for asthma management. 

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Without your support, we cannot provide the valuable resources needed to help people with asthma lead full active lives.

Provide the patient perspective

Community involvement helps improve the understanding and effectiveness of asthma care in Australia for both the community and health professionals. The National Asthma and Allergy Network is an online community of people who have asthma or who live with or care for someone with asthma, and who want to help us improve our resources and services.

We consult the Network at various stages of projects for input and feedback to ensure the patient perspective is included. People with asthma, their families, carers and other supporters, are all welcome to join the Network. The only requirement is that you currently live in Australia and use the health care system.

For more details and to get involved, visit the Network page:                                           National Asthma and Allergy Network

Provide medical expertise

Thank you to the tireless health professionals who help us in all facets of our work. Our network of volunteers provide knowledge, practical advice and relevant experience through our multidisciplinary expert panel and working groups.

If you are a health professional and would like to get involved, please send an expression of interest to: [email protected].

We are currently seeking a rural GP to join an acute asthma working group, click here for more information.

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Our ongoing priorities are to:

  • Continue to update and make available tools such as the Australian Asthma Handbook, the national treatment guidelines for asthma.
  • Provide the latest information on asthma to health professionals to help improve their quality of care
  • Ensure that people with asthma have access to the latest and best information on asthma
  • Work with all members of the asthma community, including people with asthma and their carers, health professionals, patient support organisations, the health industry, and government agencies to improve all aspects of asthma care
  • Continue to set the standards for best-practice asthma management.

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