Change ahead for Sensitive Choice in New Zealand

27 May 2020

The National Asthma Council Australia (NAC) is taking on sole management of the Sensitive Choice program globally, including its New Zealand operation, from 1 July 2020. 

Economic uncertainty arising from the COVID-19 pandemic makes it crucial to streamline operations. 

The NAC created the Sensitive Choice program in Australia in 2006 to help people identify products and services that are asthma and allergy aware. 

In 2009, a strategic partnership with the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation New Zealand (ARFNZ) was established, which further aided the expansion of the Sensitive Choice program in New Zealand. 

The NAC appreciates the long and fruitful relationship between the organisations and thanks ARFNZ for its contributions, including acting as the local contact for the program's New Zealand partners. 

Transition arrangements are in place to assist partners and support ARFNZ during the changeover period.

The NAC remains committed to Sensitive Choice in New Zealand and ensuring the program's blue butterfly symbol continues to inform New Zealanders about products and services that may help manage their asthma and allergies.