Extreme misery in the wind, says That Pollen Guy

3 Sep 2021

THE onset of an "extreme" hay fever and asthma season will be adding to the covid woes of many locals.

Prof Simon Haberle, director of ANU School of Culture, History and Language, is the expert leading a team of researchers who track daily pollen and spore counts on the Canberra Pollen website.

Known on social media as "That Pollen Guy", he says allergy sufferers can expect a congested season ahead, and it's the extreme levels of pollen from Cypress Pine trees in the Canberra region that are to blame.

"On August 12 we saw our first extreme allergenic pollen day of cypress pine pollen, which was followed on August 16 by another extreme cypress pollen day in combination with high pine pollen as well," he says.

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