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First Aid for Asthma charts update can help save a life

19 Aug 2022

The National Asthma Council Australia (NAC) today released an important update of their first aid for asthma information as well as updated charts for adults/adolescents (12+) and children (under 12).

Last revised in 2011, the First Aid for Asthma (FAFA) charts include the use of options for new inhalers and preparations as well as budesonide/formoterol as needed.

National Asthma Council Australia Director and respiratory physician Professor Peter Wark who led the update working group, said that the update has an improved design and layout for ease of use that could help to prevent an asthma attack from becoming an asthma emergency.

“Asthma attacks can be frightening events for the sufferer as well as the care giver and the FAFA charts provide a quick clear guideline to support people during acute asthma.

“The FAFA charts are the backbone for the management of acute asthma by GPs and other health professionals and provide the structure to deliver care and identify the next steps in an acute asthma emergency,” he said.

Professor Wark said that fast and effective treatment for acute asthma is crucial to prevent serious outcomes and the steps followed in the chart are as relevant on the sidelines of the sporting field as they are in a doctors surgery.

“We hope that all health professionals will talk to their asthma patients about the FAFA charts and especially parents or carers of children with asthma.

“In Australia, one in four children and one in 10 adults, live with asthma and any may experience an asthma attack.

“Asthma deaths are entirely preventable and effective first aid in asthma will save a life, so training in first aid is important for any adult in a caring role of a child with asthma.

“However, even without formal training, the FAFA chart provides simple to follow instructions to support someone experiencing severe acute asthma,” he said.

The FAFA chart provides a step by step guideline on what do in acute asthma with links to the NAC how-to video library on how to use devices, such as how many inhalations should be used and clear instructions on what to look for as the patient improves or deteriorates.


First Aid for Asthma Chart Ages 12 + chart, here.

First Aid for Asthma chart Children Under 12 chart, here.

For further information or an interview with a National Asthma Council Australia spokesperson, please contact: Donna Le Page, Le Page PR Mobile: 0429 825 703 Email[email protected]

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