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Asthma Virtual Locum webinar

26 May 2023

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Watch a real-world consultation with an asthma patient

Join A/Prof Ralph Audehm as chair, alongside Prof Peter Wark and Advanced Practice Pharmacist Debbie Rigby, as they navigate the clinical presentation of a patient (James) with asthma in a real-world consultation setting, illustrating the diagnostic progress of asthma, the need for medication and the importance of an asthma action plan.

James says, “I’ve been having some shortness of breath, mostly after vigorous exercise and when I get sick. It hits me pretty hard. I get a bad cough, I can’t breathe properly. This lead me to go hospital last year.”

Hear from a respiratory physician, general practitioner and pharmacist as they explore possible solutions to these challenges in asthma.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to benefit from a real-life unscripted example of best practice asthma management, in a convenient after-hours online format on Thursday 1 June at 7pm. 

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26 May 2023

Asthma experts team up to conduct real-world consultation

22 May 2023

Improving Childhood Asthma Management in Inner West Melbourne