International Nurses Day 2023, Narelle Williamson from the National Asthma Council Australia

12 May 2023

Int  Nurses Day Narelle

Friday 12 May 2023 is International Nurses Day. 

The National Asthma Council Australia acknowledges and celebrates nurses around the world. 

We particularly want to thank the incredible nurses that help patients live better with asthma and allergies; nurses like Narelle Williamson. 

Narelle works at the NAC as an Asthma and Respiratory Educator and Senior Clinical Consultant.  

She is a registered nurse with over 25 years of experience in both acute hospital settings, primary health care, clinical education and paediatric palliative care. 

Narelle embraces her opportunity to empower her patients and their families with the knowledge and confidence to manage their disease and live a better life. 

When I see that a patient understands their respiratory disease process and the plan of care, it is a satisfying feeling. Every patient is different with their own unique plan of care, in all aspects of nursing.  

Narelle has developed nurse-led respiratory clinics in primary care and she has been educating and consulting with patients and primary health care professionals for the past 12 years. She has also travelled around Australia, delivering the Asthma and Lung Health Best Practice for Professionals Program which educates GPs, practice nurses and pharmacists about respiratory health.  

I enjoy educating my primary care colleagues, GPs, practice nurses, pharmacists and allied health professionals. The impact of peer learning is immeasurable, we are continually learning from and teaching each other. 

Nursing is a profession that carries great responsibility, daily challenges and requires a strength like no other. Narelle passionately believes that nurses have the opportunity to heal, with a combination of clinical expertise and sheer altruism.  

Nurses are distinct from other healthcare providers, as we have a wide scope of practice and approach to medical care. We play such an integral role and whilst we can be autonomous, we also can be a part of an incredible health care team. There is no greater privilege. 

We speak volumes with our calmness in the most chaotic situations and we are the one constant in our patients lives.  We value their life, inspire their trust and care for them in the most challenging of circumstances. 

Narelle is mot proud of being able to provide holistic, compassionate carewhether that be to patients with respiratory or other chronic illness, or to children with life limiting illness in her other current role as a paediatric palliative care nurse.  

Whether it is helping a patient to breathe more easily or being at a child’s bedside at the end of their life, I have the genuine opportunity to make a beautiful and positive impact on someone’s life and that is something I consider a privilege and a joy. I am most proud of the human connection and impact I have made with my patients. 

The National Asthma Council Australia is incredibly proud to have such a compassionate and inspiring nurse like Narelle on our team.  

Happy International Nurses Day! 

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