World Asthma Day 2023

2 May 2023

Today is World Asthma Day. The 2023 theme is 'asthma care for all'.

Around 2.7 million people (10.7% of the total population) had asthma in 2020-21.

The National Asthma Council Australia recommends people with asthma should have their own individual written action plan. More than one in three (34.6%) people with asthma had a written action plan. Of those with asthma:

  • More than three in five (65.9%) children under 18 years of age had a written action plan
  • More than one in four (27.1%) people aged 18 years and over had a written action plan
  • Women aged 18 years and over were more likely than men to have a written action plan (32.7% compared to 20.2%).

The prevalence of asthma varies across the Australian population:

  • Females are more likely than males to have asthma (12.% compared to 9.4%)
  • People born in Australia are more than twice as likely as those born overseas to have asthma (12.6% compared to 6.0%).
  • People in inner regional areas were more likely than those in outer regional and remote areas to have asthma (13.1% compared to 9.2%).
  • People with a profound or severe core activity limitation were almost three times more likely to have asthma (23.3%).
  • Asthma disproportionately impacts Indigenous Australians, with asthma rates higher (16.5%) compared to non-Indigenous Australians
  • Asthma is one of the two most common causes of hospitalisation of Indigenous Australians.

The National Asthma Council provides health professionals with evidence-based tools and resources, including the Australian Asthma Handbook, to enable them to provide best practice care to people with asthma. View our handbook and resources at

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