Availability of salbutamol nebules - February 2024 update for health professionals

9 Feb 2024

It is anticipated that there will be supply shortage of salbutamol inhalation solution 2.5mg/2.5mL (Ventolin Nebules) from November 2023 to August 2024. This anticipated shortage does not apply to salbutamol inhalation solution 5mg/2.5mL (Ventolin Nebules).

Salbutamol Cipla 2.5mg/2.5mL brand is also unavailable.

An unregistered product (pms-SALBUTAMOL salbutamol sulphate inhalation solution, BP 1mg/1mL (2.5mg/2.5mL) (Canada)) has been approved for supply under Section 19A until 1 September 2024. This brand is included on the PBS from 1 February 2024.

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29 Feb 2024

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09 Feb 2024

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