Improving Childhood Asthma Management (ICAM)

Improving Childhood Asthma Management in Inner West Melbourne (Primary Health Care)

The National Asthma Council Australia (NAC) is the trusted authority in asthma. We set the standards of care through our responsive and evidence-based asthma guidelines, practice tools and resources and renowned education program.

Asthma affects approximately 11% of the Australian population and is the most common cause for paediatric presentations to primary care, emergency departments and admissions to hospital for children.

The NAC has developed this locally tailored education package to ensure primary health care professionals are equipped with the knowledge and tools they require, enabling them to provide high quality asthma care to children in Melbourne’s Inner West.

This session has a focus on managing asthma in the paediatric and adolescent population in Melbourne’s Inner West. It details the latest guidelines for infant wheeze, paediatric and adolescent asthma from 1-5 years, 6-11 years and 12-19 years. Topics include asthma pathophysiology, triggers, diagnosis, and management, medications, written asthma action plans, management of acute asthma in primary care and asthma first aid.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Identify the steps involved in the diagnosis of paediatric and adolescent asthma - referring to the National Asthma Council's Australian Asthma Handbook.
  • Identify asthma triggers and those triggers specific to the inner west of Melbourne.
  • Describe the management of asthma across the different ages in children and adolescents.
  • Summarise the important information to be included in a written asthma action plan.
  • Define the steps in managing acute asthma in primary care.

Available to:

Primary health care professionals: GPs, practice nurses, pharmacists, asthma and respiratory educators.

CPD hours: 

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Improving Childhood Asthma Management in Inner West Melbourne

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