Fluticasone propionate 50 microgram (FP 50mcg) prescribing restrictions

On 1st April, restrictions were imposed by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) which removed GPs’ ability to initiate PBS-subsidised prescriptions of fluticasone propionate 50microgram (Flixotide Junior®, Axotide Junior®). For patients under 6 years, an Authority became required (Telephone/ Online). This was limited to patients whose fluticasone was initiated by a respiratory physician or paediatrician. For children aged 6 and older, FP 50mcg was delisted from the PBS entirely.

RACGP wrote to PBAC with our concerns and requested a reversal of this decision. RACGP also combined advocacy efforts with Asthma Australia and other medical groups in a letter to the Federal Health Minister.

PBAC acted on our requests announcing easing of restrictions which are expected to come into effect from July 2023 (exact date to be advised). Repeats on your patient’s current prescription dated before 1st April 2023 can still be used.