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Back to school checklist for kids with asthma

To help your kids enjoy a happy and healthy start to the school year, we have put together a handy back to school checklist.

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Christmas trees and asthma

Christmas tree allergy can cause wheezing, sneezing, coughing, sore eyes, and potentially serious asthma attacks.

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Dust storms and asthma

It’s important that people with asthma or other respiratory conditions be prepared when dust storms are forecast in their area.

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Gas stoves and asthma in children

Recent findings suggest that cooking with gas stoves or exposure to other gas appliances may be associated with new asthma cases and asthma exacerbations.

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Healthy in the heat

​If you have a respiratory condition such as asthma or hay fever, make sure you are well prepared when the summer temperatures hit their peak.

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Sensitive Choice - creating a healthy home

Our Sensitive Choice® program aims to help Australians with asthma and allergies make better lifestyle choices.

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Smoking triggers my asthma and allergies

People with asthma have even more reason to avoid smoking than those without asthma. Your lungs are extra sensitive when you have asthma and they are especially vulnerable to the damaging effects of cigarette smoke.

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Using your allergy nasal spray correctly

Use your allergy nasal spray correctly so the medicine gets where it needs to, without side-effects like nosebleeds

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Puffer and inhaler care

Different types of puffers and inhalers need to be cleaned in different ways

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Using your asthma or COPD inhaler correctly

It's easier to learn how to use your inhaler or puffer when someone shows you how.

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Pollen - a trigger for hay fever

Plant pollen is well known as a trigger for seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and seasonal allergic conjunctivitis.

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Thunderstorm asthma

Thunderstorm asthma can happen suddenly to people in spring or summer when there is a lot of pollen in the air and the weather is hot, dry, windy and stormy.