Know your options: Flixotide

Know Your Options: Supporting your children to access essential asthma medicines

The rules around access to Axotide Junior and Flixotide Junior metered dose inhaler (MDI) changed on 1 April 2023.

They will change again soon, but if you have a child who uses this medicine, you may be affected. 

What are the changes?

Axotide Junior and Flixotide Junior inhalers are medicines used to treat asthma and prevent asthma symptoms. They are recommended for young children. These medicines treat inflammation (swelling and redness) that cause asthma symptoms. They are good at preventing symptoms and the dangerous asthma attacks that can occur.

The Government makes these medicines cheaper for us through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). Unfortunately, the rules that determine whether these medicines are available under the PBS changed on 1st April. They will be changed back, we hope by July, but we want to help in case you need it between now and then.