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New treatment planner helping manage allergic rhinitis

6 Aug 2019

The National Asthma Council Australia today released a new tool aimed at helping primary health care professionals develop a treatment plan for managing allergic rhinitis in patients with asthma.  

Drawing on guidance from Australia’s national guidelines for asthma management, the Australian Asthma Handbook, the Allergic Rhinitis Pad consists of tailored tear-off patient plans detailing treatment recommendations as well as technique instructions and tips.  

NAC CEO Siobhan Brophy says that with three out of four people with asthma being affected by allergic rhinitis, the treatment planner is an essential health professional and patient resource, particularly in the lead-up to spring.  

‘It’s important to remember that allergic rhinitis can make asthma worse and more difficult to control, and that people with asthma and allergic rhinitis have more visits to hospital and take more time off work or school than those with asthma alone.’

Ms Brophy says people who are allergic to grass pollens, such as ryegrass, can have asthma flare-ups caused by springtime thunderstorms, especially if their asthma is not well controlled, or they’re not taking regular preventer medication for their asthma.

‘Not only is this new resource useful for GPs, it also helps pharmacists provide patients with the medication and products they need to manage their allergic rhinitis appropriately.’

The Allergic Rhinitis Pad is the latest in NAC’s suite of health professional and patient resources helping people with asthma and allergies including the popular Allergic Rhinitis Treatment Chart, nasal spray and irrigation how-to-videos, health professional information paper and detailed patient brochure.

Development of the resource was supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Care Pharmaceutical. The National Asthma Council Australia maintained strict editorial independence. Download your copy of the Allergic Rhinitis Pad online or ask your Care Pharmaceuticals Representatives for a hard copy today.

Visit the National Asthma Council Australia for a range of health practitioner and patient resources about managing allergic rhinitis in people with asthma, thunderstorm asthma and more.

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