Extreme grass pollen level forecast across Victoria

3 Nov 2023

Extreme grass pollen level is forecast today across northern Victoria and a state-wide extreme grass pollen forecast is anticipated on Monday 6 November. These conditions are expected to persist through to at least Thursday next week. A high pollen forecast is also predicted today for Canberra.

The Melbourne Pollen team released its latest insights on the 2023 grass pollen season, revealing an earlier than usual start influenced by the El Niño weather pattern and September’s record warmth for Victoria. 

Dr Edwin Lampugnani, a leading expert from the Melbourne Pollen team, said that the early onset of high pollen days is unprecedented in recent decades due to the influence of the El Niño weather pattern and September’s record temperatures.

National Asthma Council Australia's Executive Clinical Lead, Debbie Rigby, spoke to 7NEWS Melbourne about the extreme pollen forecast. Debbie emphasised the importance of having an asthma action plan, looking out for symptoms and always carrying reliever medications. It is also important to use preventer medication as prescribed and to be aware of others in your care.

High and extreme grass pollen days are of particular concern for individuals with hay fever and asthma. Melbourne typically experiences around 20 of these challenging days between October 1 and the year’s end. The first high or extreme day usually occurs towards the end of October, with the last one often around Christmas. 

In partnership with Melbourne Pollen, the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program has the daily pollen forecasts available on the Sensitive Choice website. 

Advice on high pollen forecast days includes: 

  • Stay indoors during high and extreme grass pollen days. 
  • If you have asthma, allergies or hay fever, check our pollens and hay fever factsheet
  • Ensure homes are secured against pollen intrusion by keeping windows closed and considering the use of air purifiers.
  • Update and follow asthma actions plans, especially for those with asthma.
  • Consult with GPs or pharmacists for tailored advice and medication recommendations. 
  • Ensure you have your hay fever and asthma medication on hand. 
  • Stay safe, check the daily pollen forecasts and plan ahead. Visit

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