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World Asthma Day 2024

7 May 2024

World Asthma Day is on 7 May 2024. The National Asthma Council Australia is focusing on promoting correct medication and device use.

The National Asthma Council Australia has released two new instructional videos for adults with asthma and also parents of children with asthma for World Asthma Day on 7 May 2024.

The first video focuses on the use of a pressurised metered dose inhaler (puffer)* and spacer for adults with asthma. The second video demonstrates the correct way to use a metered dose inhaler, spacer and face mask for children with asthma.

Associate Professor Debbie Rigby, Clinical Executive Lead, National Asthma Council Australia said a metered dose inhaler can either be a prescribed corticosteroid preventer or a reliever.

Up to 94% of patients do not use their inhaler device correctly, which could mean they don’t get the full dose of their asthma medicine.

“However, with the right technique, the medicine gets where it needs to.

“One important step is using a spacer with your metered dose inhaler, whether you are an adult or a child, as the spacer helps the medicine get down into the very small airways where it is most needed. Otherwise, medication may remain in your mouth and the back of your throat.

“Incorrect inhaler technique can increase the risk of severe flare-ups and hospitalisation for people with asthma and incorrect use of inhaled corticosteroids can also increase the risk of side-effects like a hoarse, raspy throat or oral thrush,” said Associate Professor Rigby.

Learn more: https://www.nationalasthma.org...

World Asthma Day is an initiative of the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) and the theme for 2024 is 'Asthma Education Empowers'.

20 May 2024

Thank you to our valued National Asthma Council volunteers

07 May 2024

On World Asthma Day it’s time to check your inhaler technique