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Asthma Cycle of Care

Formerly the Asthma 3+ Visit Plan

The Asthma Cycle of Care initiative has replaced the Asthma 3+ Visit Plan. The changes to the GP Asthma Initiative have been introduced as a direct response to feedback provided by respiratory physicians, GPs and consumers and is based on the latest knowledge about how to treat asthma most effectively.

The Asthma Cycle of Care involves at least two asthma related consultations within 12 months for a patient with moderate to severe asthma, noting that at least one of these visits (the review visit) must be planned.

These visits will include:

  • Document diagnosis and assessment of asthma severity and level of asthma control
  • Review the patients use of, and access to, asthma related medication and devices
  • Provide a written asthma action plan (or documented alternative if the patient is unable to use a written action plan)
  • Provide asthma self management education
  • Review the written or documented asthma action plan

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