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Creating a healthy home for you and your family

26 Sep 2016

Creating a healthy home can help you and your family breathe cleaner, fresher air and we have some great tips to show you how

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Parents need advice, not alarm, on reported side-effects of montelukast in children

5 Sep 2016

Reported montelukast side-effects in children are very rare, but parents should seek medical advice if concerned

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New Healthy Home Guide helps families reduce asthma and allergies

24 Aug 2016

​Ahead of National Asthma Week (1-7 Sept) a useful Healthy Home Guide has been produced to help families breathe better.


How-to video demonstrations

18 Jul 2016

It's easier to learn how to use your inhaler or nasal spray when someone shows you how. See our library of helpful videos.

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Ninety per cent of Australians with asthma use their inhalers incorrectly

18 Jul 2016

Up to 90 per cent of Australians use their life-saving inhalers incorrectly, increasing their risk of hospitalisation by 50%

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Health professionals urged to check patient inhaler technique to improve respiratory outcomes

18 Jul 2016

Up to 90% of patients use their inhalers incorrectly, but fixing poor technique improves lung function and quality of life

Pharmacy Medication

Sticking to your recommended asthma treatment

23 Jun 2016

Understanding your medications, how they work and how to take them can make it easier to follow your recommended treatment.

2016 Mens Health Week Flyer Pdf

Living with purpose

16 Jun 2016   |  Russell Winwood - COPD Athlete

Our regular guest bloggers helps us celebrate Men's Health Week by exploring what living with purpose looks like for him.

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Another 5 asthma myths - busted!

16 Jun 2016   |  Lisa Sayer

While many asthma myths have already been busted, there are still plenty of misconceptions out there. Time for myth busting!

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Cold weather brings higher risks for kids with asthma

26 May 2016

​Asthma risks are set to soar for kids this winter, as even a simple cold can trigger a life threatening asthma attack.