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Nac Back To School 1 Low Res

Kids still battling winter viruses before start to school year

16 Jan 2024

It is critical for parents of children with asthma to schedule a check up with their GP before they start back at school.

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Professor Sheryl Van Nunen Nac Spokesperson

New Board Director at National Asthma Council Australia

11 Dec 2023

The NAC has announced the appointment of a new Director to its board, Professor Sheryl van Nunen, OAM FRSN.

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Pexels Vlada Karpovich 6119575

Don’t let Christmas tree syndrome ruin your festivities

4 Dec 2023

Christmas tree syndrome is an allergic reaction to real or artificial trees that can potentially cause serious asthma attacks

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Final Nac Asthma Mortality Infographic

Asthma deaths on the rise again, but could be avoided

29 Nov 2023

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data released today by the NAC show that asthma deaths increased by 30% in one year.

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Plan ahead to keep safe from thunderstorm asthma

11 Oct 2023

A joint media release by the Department of Health, National Asthma Council, Bureau of Meteorology and Melbourne Pollen.

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Asthma Preventer With Spacer Low Res

Asthma preventers key to minimising preventable death

31 Aug 2023

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease and not just an intermittent problem.

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Tsanz 2023 Winner

2023 Asthma and Airways Career Development Fellowship recipient announced

27 Jun 2023

Dr Bronwyn Brew has been announced as the NAC TSANZ 2023 Asthma and Airways Career Development Fellowship recipient.

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Asthma Patients With Severe Asthma By Region

Heat maps identify asthma “hot spots” in WA, NT and Tas

23 Jun 2023

A heat map analysis published in the Journal of Asthma has revealed ‘hotspots’ for difficult to treat asthma in Australia.

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Virtual Locum Nac Tile Final 5

Asthma experts team up to conduct real-world consultation

26 May 2023

Observe and learn as a respiratory physician, GP and pharmacist navigate the clinical presentation of an asthma patient.

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I Stock 1477844793

Improving Childhood Asthma Management in Inner West Melbourne

22 May 2023

The NAC has launched two locally tailored education packages to tackle the burden of asthma in Melbourne’s inner west.