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Asthma Patients With Severe Asthma By Region

Heat maps identify asthma “hot spots” in WA, NT and Tas

23 Jun 2023

A heat map analysis published in the Journal of Asthma has revealed ‘hotspots’ for difficult to treat asthma in Australia.

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Virtual Locum Nac Tile Final 5

Asthma experts team up to conduct real-world consultation

26 May 2023

Observe and learn as a respiratory physician, GP and pharmacist navigate the clinical presentation of an asthma patient.

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Improving Childhood Asthma Management in Inner West Melbourne

22 May 2023

The NAC has launched two locally tailored education packages to tackle the burden of asthma in Melbourne’s inner west.

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National Asthma Council Australia applauds vaping crackdown

2 May 2023

The National Asthma Council Australia welcomes the federal government's regulatory changes to vaping devices.