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Kristine Whorlow AM retires as CEO of National Asthma Council

26 Jul 2017

Our Chairman announces retirement of the Council's inaugural CEO, Kristine Whorlow AM, at the end of July 2017


Thunderstorm Asthma News for Health Professionals

19 Jul 2017

Find out about upcoming thunderstorm asthma workshops and new educational resources and webinars for health professionals.

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Asthma warning issued as winter sets in - GPs be prepared

11 Jul 2017

GPs be prepared - we are urging Australians with asthma to see their GP as the winter cold and flu season kicks in

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Winter’s here and so is asthma - pharmacists urged to check patients

11 Jul 2017

With the cold and flu season kicking in, we are reminding pharmacists to check that their patients are winter asthma ready.

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Asthma warning issued as winter sets in

11 Jul 2017

We are warning Australians with asthma to act as the winter cold and flu season kicks in to avoid becoming a statistic.

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What's lurking in your home?

26 Jun 2017

Could a healthier home help your family breathe easier? A new video series shows how to tackle hidden triggers in your home

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Do your patients know how to manage an asthma emergency?

1 May 2017

On World Asthma Day (May 2) we are asking health professionals to check whether their patients know asthma first aid.

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Australians urged to know asthma first aid to be better prepared for future events

30 Apr 2017

​On World Asthma Day (May 2) we are calling on Australians to be ready for asthma emergencies by knowing asthma first aid.

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Do you want relief from allergy symptoms? Naturally!

11 Apr 2017

Helping you find strategies that may offer effective symptom relief naturally - or at least highly unlikely to be harmful.

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Mould health hazard warning after Australia’s Big Wet

3 Apr 2017

​After prolonged wet, warm and humid weather, we are warning all Australians that indoor mould is a potential health risk.