Clinical management of asthma during bushfire season

22 Jan 2020

Advice for GPs, nurses and pharmacists on keeping people with asthma breathing well during bushfire season.


30 years of leading the attack against asthma

22 Nov 2019

Over the past 30 years the National Asthma Council has firmly established its role as the nation's trusted asthma authority.

National Asthma Council Australia Logo 2019

A new chapter for the National Asthma Council

14 Nov 2019

Noticed some changes on our website? Healthcare isn’t static, and neither is the National Asthma Council.


Asthma Council deliberating on mild asthma recommendations

3 Oct 2019

NAC is working closely with leading asthma experts to update its Australian Asthma Handbook.

Dr Kimberley Wang Meet The Experts

Dr Kimberley Wang delves into early origins

22 Jul 2019

Meet the experts: Dr Kimberley Wang is the 2019 Asthma and Airways Career Development Fellowship recipient

Back To School 01 Lo Rest

Back to school is the most common time for children’s asthma flare-ups

21 Jan 2019

Is your child asthma-ready for the back to school period?

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Learn the lingo - Part 2

16 Jan 2019

Let’s cover some more of the jargon you’re likely to come across with regards to managing asthma on a daily basis.

1 O8 A8016

Learn the lingo - Part 1

8 Jan 2019

We answer some common questions we’ve received in the hope of making learning about living with asthma a little easier.


Thunderstorm asthma resource centre

6 Sep 2017

One stop shop for health professionals, a resource centre with the latest papers and charts to help you treat your patients.

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Do you want relief from allergy symptoms? Naturally!

11 Apr 2017

Helping you find strategies that may offer effective symptom relief naturally - or at least highly unlikely to be harmful.